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opera unite..sebuah inovasi baru dari opera.a Web server on the Web browser

satu lagi inovasi dari team developer opera,,
dengan meluncurkan operaunite...a Web server on the Web browser

1. Introducing Opera Unite

Opera Unite is a unique technology that turns any computer or device running Opera into a Web server. In other words, your computer (running Opera Unite) is truly part of the fabric of the Web, rather than just interacting with it, and it’s something anyone can use. With Opera Unite, everyday non-technical users can serve and share content and services directly from their own computers in the form of intuitive applications. That sounds kind of cool from a technology point of view, but what can you do with it, and why is it important?

With Opera Unite, we are giving developers a chance to develop applications (known as Opera Unite services) that directly link people’s personal computers together, so that you can connect with one or more of your friends at the same time. It all happens through the browser, so no additional software has to be downloaded, and it will work wherever Opera works (Windows, Mac, Linux, and later mobile phones and other devices). Opera provides the platform and you provide the applications—what you create is limited only by your imagination. We believe Opera Unite will redefine what’s possible with Web applications, and we invite you to join us in moving beyond stale ideas and limitations.

silahkan di download dan di coba..rasakan sebuah inovasi sharing file..tanpa harus upload satu2 lagi
untuk menggunakan nya kita harus memiliki account di
gunakan account tersebut untuk login di operaunite...lalu pilih folder yang ingin kita share ..
bisa disetting untuk public atau private dengan proteksi password sehingga aman ...
sebagai contoh..aku sharing folder my picture ku untuk publik
di alamat ini

silahkan download opera unit di bawah ini


wiw mantebs bus sharing file lwt ini...jadi makin cintrong ama opera dong sob.... :X



numpang thanks u bang udah sedotttttttt;;)

Hi, The article is very well written. Keep it up.good job

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