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ShopWiki is a shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is the only commercial search engine that combines advanced Web crawling technology with consumer-written wiki. ShopWiki revolutionizes online shopping, because each store is located on the Internet. Traditional shopping sites will only show the stores that have paid for placement, and shop will give everything a buyer, so they have 30,000 stores instead of the usual 1000 stores as other shopping sites.

There are cycling buying guide in Shopwiki. Many kind guides that very usefull at shopwiki. You can find the equipment that best matches your biking needs. First that are shown at Shopwiki guides is workshop and home improvement

There are so many types of workshop and home improvement
like tools and hardware The basics you need around your house,

Painting supplies for  Painting a wall, a room, a house, inside or painting outside

Beside of information at above, ShopWiki is also provide information about essential parts, gear, Extra Equipment and accesories,basic tools and painting supplies,power tools (like Handheld Saws,jointer,planers)

The qualified editors at ShopWiki moderate, contribute at the Wiki to keep it information rich, helpful and vandalism-free, so that consumers like yourself can benefit from their service. If you find that your favorite store isn’t listed, you can ask for an inclusion to have it crawled for you; making the shopping search and product comparison service more exhaustive and offer better results.


Good article.
I think i'll try ShopWiki when i looking for some products in internet

Just info aja blog sampeyan lemot banget diaksesnya Mas Falz? Padahal ditempatku tercover HSDPA lho !!
aku mesti pake Ad-muncher atau ad-block baru bisa cepet aksesnya :)

ki mesthi kerjaan kmaren :D...

ajarin tips2 bahsainggris yg baik dan bnar dunks :$

wah lemot lagi ya blog ini..
apa gara2 entrecard widget ya
coba install addons no script...
buat mendisable script2 di web

@abror yg mirip afgan :p

hehehehe...mayan...1st paid review di blog ini...

mayan juga ya page rivew..aku aja dapet job pertama mayan untuk $10 :)

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